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From the end of Winter and during all of Spring, many different traditional, folkloric and religious Fiestas are celebrated all over Spain that are a pleasure for the eye and the soul. Here is a selection of the most interesting traditional Fiestas in Spain in 2018. The best traditional Fiestas in Spain during Winter-Spring 2018: […]
Se suele pensar en España como un país donde siempre luce el sol, hace calor y llueve poco. Pero en realidad la Península Ibérica abarca una gran variedad de climas, debido a la cercanía o lejanía del mar, a la altitud y la ubicación en relación a sistemas montañosos (a muchos les sorprenderá que España […]
The Green Country Side in Spain in Spring: In summer, much of the Spanish country side is arrid and hostile, yet in springtime we can find lovely green hills and fields covered in flowers. This is especially the case in those areas that receive most rain between the Autumn and Spring, and which are therefore […]
As we have seen on the map with average temperatures in different regions of Spain in January, there are a great variety of climates on the Iberian Peninsula. While on the Costa del Sol in January it’s an agreeable 15-20ºC during the day, there are other regions where one can enjoy the snow in Spain […]
One tends to think that Spain is a country where it’s always sunny, warm and dry. But the climate in Spain in winter, and also during other seasons, is very varied. Depending on the proximity of the sea, the situation in the north or the south of the country, or the position in relation to […]